Merino made better

super.natural combines the strengths of the finest Merino wool with those of functional polyester in one fibre. This ensures top super.natural comfort while providing both maximum functionality and outstanding design.

super.natural is ready to meet – and exceed – the demands placed on high-quality functional clothing, anywhere and at any time.

Better quality

Everything you need to know about merino wool

Merino sheep are one of the oldest and hardiest sheep breeds in the world. But what makes them so special?
Merino sheep have adapted to survive both bitter cold and extreme heat. The natural quality of their wool enables them to cope with temperature differences of up to 40 degrees. What works for animals also often works for humans, and that’s where the biggest benefit of merino wool comes in: it cools you down in warm temperatures and warms you up in the cold. It also doesn’t itch, and its antibacterial effect helps to prevent the build-up of unpleasant odours.

Surface of conventional wool fibres

Conventional wool

  • Itchy
  • Dries slowly
  • High-maintenance
Surface of merino wool fibres

Merino wool

  • Not itchy
  • Regulates temperature even when wet
  • Prevents odours
  • Natural UV protection
  • Antibacterial

The highest standards combined

We unite the best of two worlds

50% Merino

50% Merino wool

50% synthetic

50% Synthetic performance fibre

Perfect match for your sports

When to use super.natural

As varied as an active lifestyle, super.natural creates a balance between nature and technology and suits an array of different uses.
The super.natural products are the perfect companion, whether for daily life, travelling, outdoor adventures, winter sports, fitness or yoga.


What makes us special

The benefits of super.natural products

  • Merino wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture, while polyester speeds up the removal of the moisture from the material. This combination offers you optimal comfort – with no trace of dampness.
  • The innovative combination of fibres can withstand a regular wash up to 40°C – no need to put on a separate wool wash. Our merino mix is incredible easy to care for.
  • The stabilising effect of the synthetic fibres means you can also put super.natural products in the dryer.
  • The fibre mix combines the natural elasticity of merino wool with the durability of polyester, enabling a uniquely stable shape and impressive longevity.
  • The antibacterial effect of the enzyme keratin, which is a natural component of merino wool, prevents unpleasant odours from developing – even after profuse sweating or wearing the product multiple times.
  • The tightly-knit connection between the materials creates an extremely soft surface that doesn’t itch and offers incredible natural comfort.
  • Merino wool regulates temperature: it cools you down in hot temperatures and during increased activity, and warms you up in cold weather or when you take a break.

Defined for each temperature

The super.natural base layer principle

Lightweight for warm days: 140g

Perfect for mild days

Thanks to the innovative super.natural mix of fibres, combining 50% merino wool with 50% polyester, this quick-drying material will help you feel pleasantly cool on warm days.

Midweight for cool days: 175g

For a great lightweight feel the whole year round

The MIDWEIGHT series is your ideal companion throughout the seasons. The 175 g products keep you warm on cooler days with a comfortable, lightweight feel.

Heavyweight for cold days: 230g

Stay warm and dry on cold days

The unique merino mix is easy to care for, and its antibacterial effect prevents the build-up of unpleasant odours. It provides unbeatable comfort thanks to maximum breathability and optimal thermal performance.

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