Do you have 5 minutes to listen to yourself? Only for being? Give this time to yourself and feel how your life flows with each moment that you fill with presence and aliveness.

Rushing through our daily lives, we find our timetable often super packed. From morning to nighttime, we work off our to-do lists. But the most important things fall by the wayside: the moments where we sit still and can simply be human. Moments when we breathe, breathing only for being fully in the here and now.

When I started doing yoga, I couldn’t take the first minutes of meditation before class - my thoughts kept running in circles. The more in-depth I experienced my movement practice, the more I felt the urge to dive deeper into stillness and mindfulness.

Yet, it still took some time until I could bring myself to a daily meditation practice. Every beginning seems difficult until we just do it.


At the time when life forced me to stand still because of an accident, I finally begun to meditate. Every morning became sacred and influenced my healing process immensely.

I was able to shorten my healing time by focusing on the healing power from within. Aside from that I could observe its impact in my daily life through regular practice. As you know, you start believing it when you experience it on your own.


My personal practice is simple. After waking up I do some gentle stretches to be able to sit comfortably. I have a place next to my window so I can invite the light to be part of my meditation.

I begin by bringing focus to my breath. I stay with my inhales and exhales and listen to my inner state of being. After that I wander through my body for a body scan. I stay in my heart, keep my focus in the center of my chest. Anahata Chakra, the center of connection and unconditional love.

I usually set my timer for 20 minutes. When I started my practice, I used to sit down only for 5 to 10 minutes to slowly get used to it. Sitting down might feel overwhelming and challenging in the beginning. You will feel when you are ready for the next step, and when you are ready to dive deeper.


Meditation is what you make out of it. There is no universally valid formula how you are supposed to feel or what is supposed to be right. The practice is yours, and to feel the benefits of your own practice you have to be in tune with it. Being true to yourself is a necessity, so you can align the practice to all your needs in the present moment experience.

At the end of my practice I love to write some words on paper to reflect on my experience. This is my morning sanctuary! Just take a pot luck of the changes and manifestations that you are going through over time.

Give this time to yourself and feel how your life flows with each moment that you fill with presence and aliveness.


Much love from the heart of Berlin.

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