My arctic Bucket List Roadtrip

I have been up north a couple times already. It was always about splitboarding, camping and fishing. But there were different pictures in my mind since a long time. I wanted to go touring by night when the polarlights showing off.

Mid-April we finally started our Roadtrip in Tromso/ Norway. On the way to the Nordkap we stopped at the northern parts of the Lyngen Alps, Uloya, Kagen and Oksfjord for some splitboarding adventures. We crossed Fjords and icy roads that seems to lead into no man's land. The weather- rough and changing more often than we were changing our socks.

On the way we met fisherman David, he lives the fishing life in Havoysund. Probably the most remote village I've ever been to. During the winter you can only get there on specific time slots in a convoy lead by a snowplummer and a safety car in the end. David took us on the sea the day after to explore the tough life up there on the Arctic Ocean. We learned a lot about the fishing culture, the rough environment and how big fishing companies with huge trouwlers destroying the nature and ruining a lot of small fishing business. By the end of the 13 hours day we caught nearly a ton of arctic cod- and maybe 30kg with a fishing rod. This was such an awesome and intense experience at the Nordkap. 

Afterwards we drove southbound again for some more splitboarding and husky sledding. Husky sledding is so much fun and a must-do when in Norway - so heart melting to be out in the nature with these lovely dogs. After the exhausting “dogday” we made dinner with the fresh fish we caught.

But the splitboard tour the night after should be also one for the books. We parked the motorhome at the bottom of the mountain somewhere super remote. When the polar lights started to show up, we started our tour. As we are navigating our descent, we are caught off guard by something I have never seen before. Flashing bright lights in colours of blue, yellow, purple and red.

Extraterrestrial life arriving to earth? Aren’t nordic lights supposed to be green? 

Are we witnessing UFO’s or the rarest nordic lights ever seen? At the time we couldn’t decide what to think. It wouldn’t be until two days later we would learn what we had just seen. The first ever artificial Northern Lights made by NASA, haha. Ok but it was still insane to witness. 

In the end I can't decide which experience was the highlight of trip- because the whole trip was a highlight. Thankful to share these adventures with my Homies Sebastian and Daniel. Also, a big shout-out to the fisherman David and Doglady Natascha, thanks for everything. 

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