Splitboarding – the backcountry touring alternative for snowboarders!

Skitouring has always been popular for skiers. And in the past couple of decades, snowboarders were always struggling to catch up. No matter if we used snow shoes, climb skis or tried to reach the summit by foot, it has never been fun!

But some day someone very smart had the glorious idea to split a snowboard into two halfs and create special bindings for hiking, climbing and riding mode. By adding skins and using touring poles, we were finally able to follow our skiing friends on a splitboard. The first splitboards and bindings systems were wild, a lot of things broke and needed improvement since day one.

But I loved it from the first day and it has been the best therapy I could wish for after my previous and still healing snowboarding injuries. By using a splitboard, you can climb any summit you like and reach untouched powder faces. For me, walking in „hiking mode“ is a certain kind of relaxation and meditation. It challenges your body and trains your endurance and awareness skills. It´s a great feeling to be splitboarding through stunning scenery, knowing that your hike will most likely be rewarded with amazing freshies and first tracks. And all that far away from the crowds. That´s why I decided eight years ago to organize my own splitboard camps for like-minded people.

Today, the Choice Splitboard Camps are all about unforgettable weekends of freeriding and splitboarding in Austria´s best mountain resorts. Local mountain guides are on hand at every camp to explore the remote backcountry in small groups. The camps are divided in different riding and splitboarding levels from 1 to 4 and focused on the long decants and short climbs. Teaching our participants, a basic mountain understanding and safety workshops are fundamental. Cozy mountain cabins or freeride-friendly accommodations are the home for all adventures and we always provide a free demo/ test center with the latest Splitboards, Bindings and safety gear. Curious?

Come and join us for your next adventure!


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